2690 pieces thus far. I don’t think that’s even halfway. #mjmandala

#labelleetlabette. Back in NC watching beautiful surreal things. #JeanCocteau (at Sheik’s Lair)

Pistachio French macaroons. <333333
Beer glass countertop at #bootstrapbrewery. Insane rush ipa needs to come home with me. #mayhavetocheckabag
#Odellbrewingcompany is a local craft brewery that specializes in hoppy beers. They’re only distributed through the Midwest.
Welcome to Boulder. (at Downtown Boulder)

All up in Sheik’s face cuz she’s all up in my space. #mjmandala (at Sheik’s Lair)

Dat small town life. (at Catawba County Rest Area)
I’m starting to get dizzy going around this circle. #mjmandala

Finally got my time lapse video up.

Sheik looks like a cat but she’s actually a demon set to guard one of the four gates of the Tibetan Cosmos. #mjmandala  (at Sheik’s Lair)

Ring 20 #mjmandala (at Sheik’s Lair)

Mandala wrapped inside out. #mjmandala  (at Sheik’s Lair)
11 rings 467 pieces and Natty Greens seasonal IPA to keep me motivated #mandala
Boyfriend keeping me motivated. #chickenfriedsteak #smokedmashedpotatoes #collards